Make Paper Gift Card Holders

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 12, 2018

Some time it is really difficult to buy or even make a suitable gift for someone .Well, for us, scrapbooking fans , we would like to put our creative spin on it and make our own paper gift card holders. Here are some ideas:

The first one, we use paper scraps and Washi tape. We put some candies in a milk bottle and tie it with colourful paper scraps and Washi tapes. We even put a special message note on the front for the recipient.

For the next ones, we make them with a cutting die machine and also scrapbook paper with different prints.It is very important to make them as full as possible. And do not forget to attach a tag for nots.

Lastly, we make some cuboids Gift Card Holders. We cut some flowers form glitter paper and glue them to the Holders as decoration.

Please visit:  for more ideas of scrapbooking paper.