Make DIY Felt Poinsettias.

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 22, 2017

We can some time make bright colour crafts with simple material and tools for decoration of our home and here below is how to make felt poinsettias:

Material and tools needed: red felt,hot glue and glue gun,scissors and plastic pearl beads.


Each poinsettia has ten felt leaves. You can  cut them free hand.I mean, they don’t have to be the same or perfect. You can even cut two pcs at the same time if you have good fabric scissors. Simply attach each leaf together with hot glue to form a star. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the hot glue. I made all the stars first. Next, glue two of the stars together to form the poinsettias body. Make sure the leaves alternate the negative space.  Lastly, glue three small plastic pearl beads in the middle.


Please visit: for more ideas of felt flowers