Decorate Pencils and Notebooks with Washi Tape

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 12, 2018

It is now end of August and new school year is coming. So let’s do something with our kids for their school. Here below is to decorate pencils and notebooks with Washi tape together with your kids.

Materials and tools needed:Notebooks and Pencils,Kid Scissors and Washi Tape.

There is technically no specific way to do so. You simply give your kids the above materials and tools and let them decorate their pencils and notebooks as they wish.

It is important that we choose a variety of colors and patterns of Washi tape that make us happy!  It is also important to have Kid-Safety Scissors that are safe for ages four and up, and they do not stick to the Washi tape, and they should be the perfect size for little hands.

The kids can decorate both the notebooks and pencils. If they mess up, it’s ok because it is fairly easy to remove the Washi tape and start again. They can make matching sets and give them as back to school gifts to their friends or teachers.

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